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About the Game:

This game was created in Twine as a fanwork of Rainbow Rowell's novel 'Carry On'. You can find it at the link at the top of the page. It is called 'Rift'. The last update to the uploaded story was on 15/05/2022. (dd/mm/yyyy)

Please note that you may need to refresh the page when you're in the story to get any updated content, this will bring you back to the starting page.

I make no profit from the creation of this game and the characters, world building and settings remain the intellectual property of Rainbow Rowell, their inclusion in this game comes under 'fair use' as a derivative work.

Content warnings are as follows: blood, violence, swearing.
More may be added to the list as I continue developing the story so keep checking here for updates.

Regarding the navigation of the story:

There are undo and redo arrows at the upper left corner once you navigate away from the first page - Undo positioned above the Redo arrow. This means you can go back a step at a time and change what option you chose.
To progress through the story simply click one of the options at the bottom of each passage, if there are no options the link will either read 'Next' or will otherwise be clear that it's a progression to the next page. The font for the links are in bold type and coloured a mint green colour compared to the standard white for the body text.
This explanation is here for accessibility. If anything doesn't read right through Screen Readers, let me know and I'll see what I can adjust to make it better for you.
This game also works through mobile browsers as far as I'm aware.
Please enjoy

This is still a work in progress so if you've somehow stumbled across this then please be aware that all of the possible routes in this non-linear story have not yet been completed so there will be some places where I've left notes to myself to continue or similar odd messages such as 'double-click this passage to edit it' which are generated by Twine when a new passage is created. Also I may have made a few grammatical or typing mistakes so feel free to message me on tumblr to let me know about those. Twine doesn't exactly have a spell check function and I have no beta reader/player to back me up on that front.

Additional info:

My writing name 'Tiny_Tyrant' comes from my AO3 name and I go by 'queenpoisonapple' on tumblr where you can find a few of my short fics for the Carry On fandom here.

Feel free to drop a message on tumblr if you have a question; I have anon enabled. I will revoke that if people start to abuse the anon system though.

Also feel free to come crying at me about coding because for utter newbies like myself this is freaking hard. I will share your pain.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy the story.